15 November 2007

"Ten deadly fads of modern evangelism"

They have a great post over at Evangelical Outpost about 10 things that can be harmful to evangelism. (H/T: Truth War Central) So many times, we get in such a rush to convince someone to "make a decision for Christ" or, (ugh) "Ask Jesus to come into your heart." (The which, should I ever hear it again, will undoubtedly cause me to run yelling and screaming for the nearest exit.)

Here is one example from the list:
#2 The Sinner's Prayer -- The gates of hell have a special entrance reserved for people who thought that they had a ticket into heaven because someone told them all they needed to do was recite the "sinner's prayer." I've searched through the entire New Testament and can't find an example of anyone who was "saved" after reciting such a prayer. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that such prayer is worthless or that it can't be used by the Holy Spirit. But salvation is not obtained by reciting a magical incantation as many, many, "Christians" will discover after it's far, far, too late.

It's kind of a lengthy post, but well worth the read.

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