01 November 2007

New List: Top 20 Christian albums

I have decided to go ahead and publish my own list of what I think are the 20 best Christian albums of all time. Now, before you get too excited because you don't see one of your favorites in this list, (or one that deserves to be here) remember one thing: I don't have every single CD by every single Christian artist (I wish I did, but hey) ever! This list is limited to those discs I have in my collection.

Another caveat: You won't find any of the WOW CD's in this list. That would be too easy. So here goes, starting with #20 and #19.

20) Avalon--In A Different Light


1. Take You at Your Word
2. In Not Of
3. In a Different Light
4. Can't Live a Day
5. Always Have, Always Will
6. I'm Speechless
7. If My People Pray
8. Only For the Weak
9. Let Your Love
10. Hide My Soul
11. First Love

19) MercyMe--Almost There


1. I Worship You
2. Here Am I
3. On My Way To You
4. How Great Is Your Love
5. I Can Only Imagine
6. Bless Me Indeed
7. Cannot Say Enough
8. House of God
9. Call To Worship
10. Fall Down
11. In You

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