13 November 2007

Is it really "all about unity"?

If I have one pet peeve about the seeker-sensitive, all-tolerant people I converse with, it's this: Whenever you try and lead them to the truth of Scripture, and you try to call sin "sin", and you try to call truth "truth", and you try to call heresy "heresy", they whip out the old "You know, you should really just focus on loving people into the church," or "You should stop that! You should be focusing on unity!" If I hear that tired old tripe one more time, I do believe I'll go mad.

Which brings me to this: What would Doug Pagitt or Brian McClaren or Joel Osteen have to say to Paul about his letter to the Galatians? James White has the answer over at Alpha Omega Ministries, along with a post about the difference between the Gospel of Christ and the gospel of Rome.
Dear Paul:
In reviewing your letter to the churches of Galatia, we, the modern men of the 21st century, have come to the conclusion that you truly missed the point in your very pointed and, may we say, unloving comments regarding the faithful brothers with whom you had but a minor theological difference. We are in particular offended that you would identify men who clearly confess faith in Christ and who have risked their lives for their faith "false brethren." Who are you to make such a harsh judgment, in light of their many evidences of faith? These men are Christians, and to call them false brethren is a serious sin! You are bearing false witness against them!

And to dare to read the intentions of their hearts so as to say they were "sneaking" into the fellowship is simply beyond the pale. You should be ashamed of yourself! All you disagree on is a minor point of theology! They believe in Christ! They believe in His resurrection! They simply believe one should be circumcised so as to be a part of the covenant people of God! How narrow of you to exclude them from the fellowship of faith simply on the basis of such a minor thing as this! Why won't you focus upon the areas of agreement you have? Why focus only upon differences, the negatives? Don't you realize you will never win people to your views if you continue to act in this fashion? We seriously request that you apologize to the faithful brothers you anathematized in your ill-advised letter to the churches of Galatia. By this, true peace and unity might be achieved!

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