06 November 2007

If there is no God, who's to say what's right and what's wrong?

What's the battle cry of the humanist? What is their response when we Christians stand on the truth, and seek for this country to follow that right path? "You can't legislate morality!" Ah, but friend, that is where you are mistaken. Because by saying that, you are saying that we cannot have laws barring discrimination. After all, did not the Brown v. Board ruling in fact "legislate morality?" Did not the Suprme Court say that discrimination in education--based on skin color--is wrong? And that it was not to be practiced henceforth? And did not this ruling force schools to integrate? So, to say that the government "Cannot legislate morality" would mean wiping Brown v. Board off the books, thus reinstating segregation. This, of course, is only one example. Their are myriad others as well.

To say "You can't legislate morality!" is, of course, absurd. Are not our laws based on some type of "morality?" You will say, "Of course they are." Then I would ask, "Who decides what is moral?" You will, more than likely, say, "Well, society decides!"

Ah, but friend, what of a "society" that would say, "On this day, we do hereby declare that the act of rape is no longer a crime! The statutes concerning rape shall be stricken from the books! All those currently incarcerated--as well as those currently being tried--for the crime of rape shall go free. No one else will ever be prosecuted for the act of rape!"

But, then, you will say, "Oh for Pete's sake! What civilized society would ever do such a thing?" Good enough question. However, I would end my remarks by asking you this:
"Surely, no civilized 20th Century society would stand idly by while millions of people are gassed, or cooked in ovens, simply for belonging to a certain ethnic group, would they?"

So, do you still want "society" to be the arbiter of what is right and wrong, moral and immoral? Or would you rather determine right and wrong according to the One whose word is, in the very eternal sense, final?

Here I stand. I can do no other.

This post over at Diacrino was the inspiration for the above.

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