10 October 2007

Sevierville Church shames Christians

Just found this over at A Little Leaven. It's about a sermon series at The Gathering church in Sevierville. The subject? "Red Hot Sex!" No, that's not a typo. I ain't taking anything out of context. This is the story of a "church" whose "pastor" has decided that hey, maybe I should send 50,000 fliers to area homes--many of which have children--to stir up the pot or, how does he say, "Push the envelope."

Ya know, it would be one thing if they did this on a weeknight, for adults, a class on improving a MARRIED couple's love life. But to preach this stuff, from the pulpit, is past being way out of line. But, that's what you get when the church tries to look like the world. And what did the apostle John say about that? And what did Paul say about "peddling" the Word of God? Here's the video:

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