05 October 2007

Estranged, with an emphasis on "strange"

Well, "Bishop" Weeks is seeking alimony from his estranged meal ticket, Profitess "Prophetess" Juanita Bynum. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
The estranged husband of national evangelist Juanita Bynum on Wednesday denied that his wife was a victim of cruel treatment in a response to her divorce filing.

Lawyers for Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III also said their client is denying that he and Bynum have been separated, with no contact since June. The response was filed Wednesday in Gwinnett County Superior Court. Like Bynum, Weeks is seeking "relief" in the divorce--alimony or other support granted by the court.

What's he so worried about? If his "ah-NOIN-t'n'" is truly from God, then He will cause the wealth to start falling like latter rain on the "Bishop." Of course, when your meal ticket makes twice what you do, and you all of a sudden lose her income...

Cheer up, "Bishop." Just claim your seed, sow it into the ministry of one of your charlatan buddies, and you'll be singing "Money Comin'" once again!

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