13 September 2007

Welcome to George Muslim University!

Thinking of sending your kid to George Mason University for college? Better send a dhimmi tax with him. It will soon be overrun by the Islamofascists. It's bad enough the admin. caved on putting in footbaths for them. Now, the Muslims are beginning their takeover of everything else (via SnappedShot):
Controversy over the Johnson Center’s third floor meditation space has continued through the summer, following a Broadside article in the May issue that sparked an increase in debate and coverage. [Ed.:—Be sure to see our photo essay for a firsthand account from this Fall.]

Though the meditation space is open to use by all students, the Muslims at Mason tend to use it more than others, an issue that has garnered attention from the student population.

Now, the Muslims will say that since they use the area more than others, it should just be handed over to them. That's the way Muslims operate. By force and intimidation. In fact, one commenter at Snapped Shot put it this way:
When are us“Infidels” going to wise up to the fact that Muslims in the Balad al Kufr (the “lands of the unbelievers” or, another translation would be “the lands of the “unclean””) are here as the scouts and advance troops of Islam and their job is to stake out territory--physical, religious, legal. cultural, political, social--and then constantly expand that territory and advance the Jihad by terror or by intimidation.

This is the face of “peaceful” Islam, as it uses intimidation and all the weapons a democracy, political correctness and Infidel weakness hands it to advance the day when Islam will rule all. Just baby steps here but unless stopped, and stopped hard, these Muslims will own the school in a few years, the state in a couple of decades or less and, eventually, the whole damn country. To see where denial, good manners, ignorance about Islam and appeasement is leading us, take a look at England and what has become of it

How was Islam spread in the 7th century? By people preaching the love of Allah? No. It was spread by three simple words: "Convert or die." And those are the same three words that will allow Islam to spread here if Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi, Ron Paul, etc. have their way. They will allow this country to submit to Islam, rather than fight it.

And in much the same way, the administration at GMU is doing the same thing already.

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