22 September 2007

Uniforms through the years--upgrades

These are the best changes to any uniforms in the history of sports. Some are good, some are classic, some--you might say--have brought world championships to their teams. These are the changes that made people say, "Wow! I gotta get me one of them!!" Starting with #10--

10) Seattle Mariners

The new look is cleaner, sharper, and more professional looking than the late-80's type.

9) Milwaukee Brewers

The ball-and-glove design on the cap and the home pinstripes were a step-up from the double-A farm team look. OK, maybe everybody didn't jump up to get one. But it was definitely a step up.

8) Philadelphia 76ers

This was a definite improvement from two previous changes that can only be described as "Whose bright idea was that!!"

7) Chicago White Sox

When in doubt, go back to the future. When the ChiSox went back to one of their older uni's, they found a look that has endured for years, and should remain for years to come.

6) Cleveland Cavaliers

When you draft a player who is supposed to be the future of your franchise, you need to upgrade your look. Which is what the Cavs did with the "champagne and burgundy" look.

5) San Diego Chargers

For years, fans of the Bolts have been clamoring for them to go back to the white helmets. And although the new look should increase sales of merchandise, that doesn't seem to be translating to their results on the field. (Note for Norv Turner: You are no Marty Schottenheimer.)

4) Los Angeles Kings

When The Great One joins your club, you gotta make him look good. Another team that changed its colors for an arriving superstar. And two awful changes later, the coolness of these jerseys is even more apparent.

3) Cincinnati Bengals

It was very hard to put the top three in order. Because each one of these teams went to the Super Bowl the year they made these changes, with #1 and #2 winning the whole thing. That said, the Bengals made one of the most the radical changes in NFL history.

2) Denver Broncos

John Elway finally gets a ring!! The move away from the orange jerseys, the snarling horse on the helmet (that did kind of resemble Shannon Sharpe), and the newfangled numbers are one of the two best changes to any uniform in any sport. However, the #1 spot has to go to.....

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Farewell Bucco Bruce, hello Jolly Roger! And, after years of being the "Yucks", the Bucs changed not only their design, but the team's colors as well.

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