14 September 2007

This week's IICOTW comes from New Jersey

Actually, this week we have dual winners of the coveted "Illegal Immigrant Criminal Of The Week" award. Two illegal aliens who abducted and raped an American citizen that we Americans were too lazy to abduct and rape. From Jammie Wearing Fool:
Here we go again. The story says they're undocumented, meaning they're here illegally, of course.

In a shocking development, they've been reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Not only did these animals assault this poor woman, they apparently fractured her skull.

Must be a cultural thing.
[JWF has a point. Maybe they could use the "Michael Vick defense." You know, "They do it all the time where I'm from and it's no big deal, etc.--Ed.]

I'm sure they were very hard-working fellows, out at 1:40 in the morning attacking women.

3 undocumented immigrants held in rape attempt.

Three undocumented immigrant men remain jailed today in the brazen sexual assault of an unconscious woman in Fairview, an outdoor attack interrupted by law officers early Tuesday, authorities said.

Police reported the men, all undocumented residents from Guatemala, to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, authorities said. The report was in accordance with a recent directive from the state attorney general, ordering local officers to check the immigration status of all suspects charged with serious crimes or drunken driving.

So, has New Jersey finally figured out that the more we coddle these criminals by allowing them to stay here, the worse it's going to get? Now they need to take the next step, start rounding these people up, and ship them back to wherever they come from BEFORE they rape, kill, etc.

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