20 August 2007

Father of Flight 93 hero; "Take my son's name off the memorial!"

More power to him (Via Atlas Shrugs):
Nearly two years after the design of the United Flight 93 Memorial was changed to eliminate any perceived Islamic symbolism, the father of one of the people killed in the crash has asked that his son's name be withheld from the monument.

"It's something I'd rather not do, but
I can't get anyone to listen," said Tom Burnett Sr., of Northfield, Minn. "In a sense, I'm asking for a call to action."

Mr. Burnett, who served on the Stage II jury that picked the winning design originally named "
Crescent of Embrace," said that he raised his concerns about using a crescent-shaped grouping of red maple trees around the crash site then.

"It's almost as though it's intentional," he said. "This design should not invoke any Islamic impression of any sort."
She goes on to list a few characteristics about the original design that not-so-coincidentally mirror Islamic symbolism, dhimmitude, and kowtowing to Islamofascists:
  • "A person facing into the giant central crescent of the Flight 93 Memorial is facing Mecca."

  • There are 44 glass blocks being used in the design, representing the 40 passengers and four terrorists who hijacked the plane.

  • The 93-foot tall Tower of Voices, which will include wind chimes to represent those who died, is an Islamic sundial. "Shadow calculations confirm that, on any day of the year, when the tower shadow reaches the inner arc of trees, it will be time for Islamic afternoon prayers."

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