17 May 2007

But what will her "quality of life" be?

Yeah, so this woman survived a crash.
Shannon Malloy was critically injured Jan. 25 when a car crash slammed her into the dashboard. Her skull separated from her spine, although her skin, spinal cord and other internal organs remained intact.

The rare condition is known as clinically as internal decapitation, and it left her with no control over her head.

Her injuries left Malloy with nerve damage that made her eyes cross, and she has difficulty swallowing. She was not paralyzed. She told her story to Denver station KMGH-TV.
But look at her. She has this huge neck brace, her eyes are crossed, she's going to have to go through years of rehab, she can hardly talk. Why not do the humane thing and just get rid of her?

OF COURSE I'm being sarcastic. The above paragraph is what those on the left would have you believe. You know, those loving people that think that if one's "quality of life" is not what THEY think it should be, then the person ought to be put to sleep like a dog. But, no, that's not what they're aiming for. That's not why they are so militant about keeping abortion legal (but not safe). That's not why they're pushing for euthanasia laws. Nah, can't be.

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