29 August 2009

Officer Wesley Cheeks says, "Welcome to The People's Republic of Obama!!"

....Or, as it used to be called, "America."

The police officer in this video is a perfect example of how the voters in this country sold us out for bread and games. This officer's quote at the end of the video is typical of the attitude of many who have "Obama" stickers on their cars.

Protester: "This used to be America"
Officer Wesley Cheeks: "It ain't no more, OK?"

Nope. This is The People's Republic of Obama.

Hat Tip Michelle Malkin:

Will Obama come out and say this cop "acted stupidly?" Don't hold your breath.

Now, notice the media silence on this. A black college professor gets arrested because he refuses to cooperate with a white police officer when said officer investigates a possible break in at his residence and it's all over the news.

But here, a black officer prevents a white man from exercising his Constitutional rights, and nary a peep from Chrissy Matthews or Keith Olbermann.

But, nah, there's no liberal bias in the Media. Here is some contact info--

Fairfax County Public Schools:
24-Hour Dispatch/Call Center (703) 764-2400
Main Office (703) 658-3760

Jim McLain
Security Coordinator
email: Jim.McLain@fcps.edu
(703) 658-3769

Lt. Daniel Townsend
Fairfax County Police/School Liaison Commander
email: Daniel.Townsend@fcps.edu
(703) 658-3707

Major James A. Morris
Fairfax County Police Department
(703) 246-2918

Or you can file one at the Fairfax County website.

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