13 March 2009

Socialist Pizza

With all the panty-waisted liberals crying and whining about wiretapping Muslim terrorists and denying them their "rights" (ummm...rights??....huh???) in Gitmo, they fail to mention (as per the liberal playbook) how their plans for universal health care will have the government tapped into our personal lives. And as the people of NYC have found out, a liberal government isn't afraid to tax things they think are bad for you. Thank you, Nanny-state!

Anyway, Dan Phillips (Biblical Christianity) found this video (He always finds the good stuff! Lucky!) which gives you a glimpse into a future which may be here sometimes within, oh, I don't know, the next four years, maybe. As Mr. Phillips so plainly points out,
"Watch ordering socialist pizza, chuckle, shake your head grimly...and share my surprise at who produced it.

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