14 February 2008

About that burning in your bosom...

That's right, just read the Book of Mormon, get a queasy feeling in your gut (probably because you ate too many tacos), and you will know by your heartburn that the Book of Mormon is true.


Friend, if you read the Book of Mormon, and you get a "burning in your bosom," it is nothing more than the fires of Hell rising up in your heart.

When Jesus appeared after his resurrection He told Thomas to examine Him and see that what he saw was real. The Bereans were called noble because they "searched the Scriptures daily, to see if these things were true" (Acts 17:11). Can't do that with the Book of Mormon. Nope, just stick your head in the sand, don't investigate Joseph's history, or his claims. Don't talk about Brigham Young being a murderer. Don't talk about how the Book of Mormon contradicts itself, the other Mormon "Scriptures", and especially the Bible. Just swallow what your elders feed you and go on with your false beliefs.

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